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The Eviction Company


Our Services

The Eviction Company strives to offer a full-service solution to make the eviction process stress free.

We are fully aware that owning rental property in California can sometimes be frustrating, especially when a residential or commercial tenant stops paying rent or otherwise violates the terms of the lease. 

This can be especially true for Los Angeles residential landlords who are subject to numerous provisions which are favorable to tenants and which can subject landlords to fines imposed against them in favor of the tenant and which may even require that they pay the prevailing tenant's attorney fees and court costs as well.

The Eviction Company can help to guide property owners through the laws and procedures applicable to California landlords, including the laws that relate to the eviction process and as to the steps needed to enforce the owner's legal rights against the tenant.


The following are just a few examples of services provided by us:


Capable and licensed process servers are available to deliver notices with timeliness and dependability.


We provide an efficient and accurate full-service processing of your evictions. With a professional and talented staff, you can expect your needs to be met with ongoing communication and detailed follow-through during and after the process.


Our eviction team also provides physical evictions and removal services for your property with a trained staff on-site to complete the physical portion of the eviction.


We can arrange for towing services to remove unauthorized vehicles left on-site by the tenant.

What We Do

• We handle your entire case from start to finish.

• We evaluate your case.

• We process the paperwork.

• We file and serve your summons.

• We go to court.

• We communicate directly with the judge.

• We negotiate with the tenant if necessary.

• We communicate with the local sheriff's department to organize a lock-out.

Please Note:
There may be times that we will need you to appear in court with us.

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