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The Eviction Company


The Eviction Company is professional, fast and thorough when performing evictions for residential, commercial, mobile homes and foreclosures for the entire state of California.

The average uncontested eviction handled by The Eviction Company results in a vacant property 22 days after the service of summons.

We believe it is important for our clients to understand the eviction process and it is our goal to help educate them. Take a look at the eviction time chart to better understand the California eviction process.


It is important to consult a professional law firm before implementing any eviction strategy and The Eviction Company is here to help you.

Striving to maintain a smooth eviction process, 

The Eviction Company keeps the entire process neat and clean to avoid errors leading to the dismissal of your case. 

At any time, you may inquire about the status of your case to enable you to stay informed and confident throughout the process.

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